Features Benefits


Our easy-to-use, intuitive, self service solution offers many benefits, all resulting in saving valuable time & money while increasing ticket usage. In addition, we help you remain compliant with the numerous legal and tax issues surrounding business entertainment with real time tracking of all your ticket usage.

TM2 is used by companies of all sizes, from the fortune 1000 who have tens of thousands of tickets to small & medium size companies that manage as little as 500 tickets. No matter the size, our solution provides the same benefits for all of our clients.

Eliminate unused tickets

Unused tickets equals lost opportunities to gain, retain and reward your clients and employees, the very reason why you own them.

Easy to use

TM2 is so easy & intuitive that we will have you up and running in 30 mins. After that, your team can simply review and request the tickets they want. TM2s automation takes care of everything else.

Web based

No software needed! Our web based solution means no installation, no servers, no IT department and no maintenance/updates on your part!

Quick approval process

The administrator or any designated gatekeeper can view the request at their discretion and simply click and approve. All requestors are immediately informed of their status change, eliminating the follow up emails and phone calls.

Real time ticket tracking

Instant status visibility for all your requests, confirmations and approvals. Automated, immediate and keeping everyone on the same page at all times - with no effort.

Instant Reports

Know who's going, who went and how many tickets are left. Key metrics such as ROI, ticket usage by requesters & clients and which tickets are most requested. No more spreadsheets, just click and view.


TM2 provides the tools & metrics to determine the value of each & every ticket and whether you're turning those investments into assets. No more spreadsheets, just click and view the key information to determine your ROI.


The government has ramped up its scrutiny of business entertainment expenses and accountable is important. Thankfully, TM2 provides real time data to empower, simplify and mitigate your compliance efforts.

Sales management, Sales Reps & Employees

Reduces the countless hours for requesting and waiting for ticket & table approvals and getting the tickets. Provides instant insight into all upcoming events allowing access to more relationship marketing building opportunities, resulting in smarter usage and increased business.



Instantly know which tickets are working best, giving you better insight for next years purchases. Ensure the tickets and tables are being used as planned and increase the impact of your bottom line.


Instant ROI data, quick & easy end of year reports for tax purposes


Human Resources

Whether it is employee retention, recognition or just available tickets.....now you can easily promote and manage these opportunities easy and efficiently. 


Compliance, tax and legal

We easily provide the data you need to make sure your tickets are being used for the right reasons and accounted for properly.


Eliminates the current manual process and provide instant insight to ticket inventory, tickets waiting for approvals and which tickets need to be delivered and where. This results in thousands of hours saved on average!



Instant ROI data, know who is in your company suites prior to your arrival. Reduce thousands of wasted employee hours and increase the companies bottom line.