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If you bought tickets & tables and sponsored events to gain, retain or reward your customers and employees - you made a significant investment. However, the odds are very high your not getting nearly the bang for your buck that you should. You have empty seats, you have a cumbersome manual system that inefficiently distributes your tickets and you have very little knowledge of your ROI or you might be teetering on the brink of legal and tax compliance issues.

"We make managing YOUR tickets easy & efficient-- that's what we do."
- John Laurent, Founder and VP of Product Development & Client Care

TicketM2 is built on 20 years of real-world understanding of the challenges of effectively managing and maximizing your ticket & sponsorship investments. From day one, John realized that if he could develop an intuitive user-friendly solution that would eliminate the pain and chaos associated with the manual processes of Corporate ticket management, he would not only save everyone a ton of time, but also help them increase ticket usage and provide instant insight into the key metrics that really matter.

Almost four years later, we are helping companies all over the United States save time & money while growing their bottom line.

You already bought them, now let us help you use them more easily and efficiently.

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Our Promise

No hard sells and no incessant phone calls or emails. As a matter of fact, if after 12 months of using our solution you do not experience reduced hours in managing your tickets and increase your ticket usage.........we will give you a full refund!

It's our 100% client satisfaction promise!

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